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Dr. Sue Liu

I have a Master’s degree in medicine from Jinan University, China and have 27 years’ work experience both in China and England. I have treated many disorders successfully with Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as pain, syndromes and addictions. I have also given individual advice and assistance to enable one to live a healthy lifestyle.

Dr.Sue Liu's main areas of special interest are

  • Persistent pain and chronic pain, muscular-tendon troubles.
  • Like headache, migraine, lumbar disc disease, piriformis syndrome, the third transverse process syndrome, gluteal muscle spasms, cutaneous neuritis, sciatica, obturator neuralgia, or the pain in neck, back, shoulder etc. The most reasons are tissue or muscle diseases, joint diseases, neuropathic diseases.

    We use the treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine improving microcirculation in parts of body, eliminating the inflammation in nerve and tissue, and affecting the neural pathways, to reduce or eliminate tension and pain of the body.

  • Male and fremale's fertility troubles. Gynaecological Endocrinology.
  • In type II diabetes, because due to dysfunction of insulin receptors, or reduction of the number. So the insulin cannot fully play its role. We use the treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine, affecting humoral and endocrine mediation. And then increasing the insulin receptor activity, also raising the numbers of insulin receptor. So we can achieve the purpose of lowering blood sugar level. Meanwhile, who's appetite will be controlled, and who's sleeping will be improved.

  • Skin problems.
  • Some people have an itching sensation which can be various causes. That could happen in anywhere or to whole body, especially in the evening or at night. The more scratching more itches, the more scratching the larger the area, hardly to sleep. After using Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment, they can be significantly improved in one week.

  • Bad circulation.
  • Stress, depression.