Originated in China over 4000 years ago. All ingredients are natural and controlled for safety and pureness. Usually a mixture of different herbs is used to cure a disease or to treat a disorder.


Originated in China 5000 years ago. Insertion of thin disposable needles at specific points stimulates energy, re-establishes the energy balance & restores the body's flow of energy. A pleasant and deeply relaxing sensation is usually experienced. Either as sole treatment or combined with Tuina & Herbal Medicine, it reduces pain, releases stress & anxiety and cures/improves various digestive and other disorders.


  • De-stress and Relax (60min)
  • Wake-up and Energize (60min)
  • De-tox and Purify your Body & Mind(60min)
  • Feel Fine during & after Pregnancy (5 sessions a 40 min)
  • Weight loss (5 session a 45 min)
  • Addictions (alcohol, smoking, caffeine, sugar, etc.) (3 sessions a 40-60 min)